Pay for New Titleholder Page(s) Using PayPal

If you are submitting a new titleholder page for the yearbook and the dog you are submitting has already been in the new titleholders section in a prior year, this subsequent submission requires a $25 payment. Additionally, there is now the option for a full page new titleholder page with a cost of $40. To pay via Credit Card or your PayPal account, please fill in the information below and click the confirm button. You will then be presented a button to take you to the PayPal site to complete your payment. After completing your payment, please allow PayPal to return you to this site so we can update your transaction as complete.

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Dogs this payment is for:
Please list the dog name or BG# along with the confirmation code for each dog you are paying for. Make sure you indicate the cost for the type of page you are paying for.
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